OnePlus V Fold to Feature Hasselblad Camera: How This Collab Will Change Smartphone Photography?

OnePlus V Fold to Feature Hasselblad Camera

Earlier this year, OnePlus announced their plans to launch their first foldable phone in the latter half of 2023.

Due to leaks from OnLeaks, the OnePlus V Fold’s entire specs sheet has been revealed, giving consumers a first glimpse of what to expect from this new addition to the foldable smartphone market.

The brand is expected to continue its partnership with camera manufacturer Hasselblad, which will provide the smartphone’s camera.

The phone will reportedly feature a 48MP main camera, 48MP ultra-wide camera, and 64MP telephoto lens. It’s also rumored to have 32MP and 20MP front-facing cameras.

The esteemed camera brand has helped elevate OnePlus models and boost their photo-taking capabilities.

With the OnePlus V Fold releasing soon, users can experience how the collaboration between the two brands can potentially change the game for smartphone photography.

A game-changing partnership

Though the OnePlus V Fold is OnePlus’s debut foldable phone, it’s not the brand’s first rodeo with Hasselblad. Other OnePlus models have Hasselblad cameras, such as the OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 10 Pro.

The brand’s cameras on the OnePlus models have aided with sensor calibration, color tuning, and image processing. However, a new phone typically comes with new improvements.

The V Fold’s cameras may further enhance the photo and video-taking experience to correct the issues and drawbacks of previous models.

Colors truer to real life with less unnatural saturation can be expected in later models, such as the V Fold, allowing for incredible realism with no filters needed.

The ultrawide camera and the nightscape mode were standout features on previous models, so they may return to the V Fold with more fine-tuning.

If there are more camera adjustments, the foldable model may sport even more impressive photography capabilities for crisper images that may give other phone brands like Samsung — with their high-performance Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra — a run for their money.

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Why Hasselblad?

The Hasselblad cameras on existing models have already proved impressive, but this launch may change smartphone photography. As a leading camera and lens manufacturer, Hasselblad is featured among the top digital cameras to buy on Adorama.

The brand is known for its medium format cameras—such as the Hasselblad X1D II 50C— which are compact, powerful, and enhanced. They’ve consistently provided stellar cameras and photographic equipment since they began producing them in the 1940s.

The brand’s unwavering attention to quality and excellence has made Hasselblad a household name for years and has proven capable enough to be the camera chosen to go into space.

Photos from the 1969 moon landing and the iconic Blue Marble picture of Earth wouldn’t have been possible without Hasselblad. It’s a no-brainer that OnePlus would collaborate with such a renowned and trusted brand for their smartphones.

Hasselblad’s cameras have evolved and advanced enough to be more accessible, thanks to their partnership with OnePlus, which allows people to have solid features for their smartphone cameras.

ZDNet highlights the XPan camera, a unique, dual-format model with the advantages of the 35mm format and the ability to swiftly change to full panorama format without having to change the film.

The brand was able to translate that on OnePlus 9 phones with the XPan mode, letting users capture photos with a 65:24 aspect ratio that are cropped from the 48MP primary camera and 50MP ultra-wide camera.

While there hasn’t been much information on the modes and details of the V Fold, the smartphone may see some unique and impressive features if Hasselblad takes inspiration from its rich history.

While more details have yet to follow regarding the OnePlus V Fold, the continued collaboration with Hasselblad is something to look forward to, especially for those looking for an advanced smartphone photography experience.

The partnership has produced some excellent results but also has room for improvement. If the two can fine-tune the V Fold’s cameras based on previous feedback, they may have something extraordinary to offer.