Meta Quest Pro: The Next Generation of Virtual Reality

Meta Quest Pro The Next Generation of Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most exciting and rapidly-growing industries in the world today.

With companies like Meta leading the charge, VR is destined to take over many different markets and change the way we interact with technology.

The Meta Quest Pro is a major step forward for VR technology, boasting a slimmer form factor, superior quality materials, and an impressive range of features.

If you’re looking for the best VR experience available, then you need to check out Meta Quest Pro!

Meta Quest Pro: The Unique Design

As we all know that this VR device is Meta’s high-end device. According to a report, Mark Zuckerberg has invested about 10 billion dollars in its Reality Labs.

This lab works for the development of Meta’s AI and VR devices. So, its design should be unique from the other VR devices.

If we see the previous generation which is Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro is much slimmer than that too with a lot of updates and features.

Meta Quest Pro

This device is made of excellent-quality plastic and facial foam providing a glossy look. It also uses a little bit of glass as its protective cover.

A curved battery is present on the back of the headset. Meta has used its intelligence and put a battery in to back to balance the trade-off between power and fit.

It has finished the need for wires or bell-mounted power cells.

The soft forehead cushion and a handy dial for adjusting the headband change the game. With this, your headset will become very easy to wear.

Other adjustment dials are also provided that can change the desired lens distance.

While with the help of IPD (Interpupillary Distance) adjustment, you can move each eyepiece as needed. You can either move it left or right.

The speakers are also very good and provide spatial audio. They are intelligently built into the arms of the headset.

If you want to use your headphones there is a 3.5mm audio jack too.  

The overall design of Meta Quest Pro is marvelous but there are some weight issues here. It is heavier than the average VR devices. It might be difficult for someone to carry.

Meta Quest Pro: Specifications

Meta Quest pro is packed with countless features and amazing specifications. It is overloaded with extra specs than its previous generations.

Here are the specifications of Meta Quest Pro

RELEASEOctober 2022
FIELD OF VIEW106° x 96°
CHIPSET Snapdragon XR2 + Gen 1
WI-FI BANDS2.4 GHz + 5GHz + 6GHz

Meta Quest Pro: Controllers Performance

The controller’s quality and performance of Quest Pro have been improved a lot.

There is almost no delay between the motion of hands and controllers while using the device.

They perform very well in all situations. However, its rubbered textured grips are so satisfying and provide a handful grip.

Meta claims that there will be no sweat issues while holding the grippers.

Meta Quest Pro Controllers Performance

The built quality is also very excellent and provides better performance while enjoying the VR.

Each controller has Snapdragon 662 chipset. This chipset helps a lot of controllers in improving their performance.

The pro controllers contain three cameras each for the headset to detect their motion. This is also the biggest improvement. Each controller weighs about 5.0oz/153g.

The pro controllers can easily be paired with a headset from the mobile app. The Meta mobile app is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

They can be charged wirelessly with the help of a wireless magnetic dock provided within the box. This dock provides the fast charging of controllers as well.

Meta Quest Pro Controllers Performance

Meta Quest Pro: Headset Performance

Meta claims that the Quest Pro can run both AR and VR applications precisely.

It has a 1920×1080 resolution for each eye.  This mega resolution was not available in its previous generations.

It has an enlarged field of view of 106 degrees. It has 5 infrared face and eye tracking cameras that improve your motion in the metaverse.

The Snapdragon XR2+ chipset built into the headset lifts up the game and increases its performance to some extent.

Meta Quest 2 Headset Performance

After a test, we came to know that there is no lag in the verse and it was a smooth experience for us.

As Meta claims its 2 hours of battery life. We tested it for two hours and fifteen minutes and still, there was 10% left. At low battery, the screen rendering was fabulous.

It can fully charge in 2 hours wirelessly with the help of a combined magnetic dock provided for both controllers and headset. It can also be charged with the help of a wire.

Meta Quest 2 Meta Quest Pro headset

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What You Can Do in Quest Pro?

You can perform a lot of stuff on Meta Quest Pro.

  1. You can do immersive creativity by using creativity apps on Quest Pro.
  2. You can do Virtual Meetings and Chat in it.
  3. You can also use Browser Apps in it.
  4. Desktop Apps can remotely operate in it.
  5. You can use Specialized Apps for multitasking.
  6. Besides this, you can enjoy a lot of games in virtual reality like Horizon and many others.

Revealing what is the inside box:

The packaging of Meta Quest Pro is fantastic and it also contains a lot of stuff with it. All the stuff is listed below.

  1. Meta Quest Pro Headset
  2. Meta Quest Touch Pro Controllers
  3. Stylus Tips
  4. Charging Dock
  5. Protective Cover
  6. Partial Light Blockers
  7. Wrist Straps
  8. Charging cables and 45W Adapter
what is the inside Meta Quest Pro box


The price range of Meta Quest Pro is typically high than its previous generation. It is about 3 times more costly than the Quest 2.

You can buy it from the official Meta StoreAmazon, or Best Buy for $959.96.

Regarding the price, its features are also awesome and it made a lot of improvements than the previous Quest 2. So, it can be a better option for you.

All in all

The Meta Quest Pro is an impressive piece of technology with a powerful Snapdragon XR2+ chipset, three cameras per controller and 5 infrared face/eye tracking cameras.

It offers users immersive creativity, virtual meetings and chats, access to browsers apps and desktop apps through remote operation, specialized multitasking applications as well as plenty of gaming options in the metaverse.

With its high-end features comes a higher price point than previous generations at $1499 but for those who are serious about VR experiences it may be worth investing in this device.

While the Meta Quest Pro offers a unique and high-performance virtual reality experience, it’s worth noting that the competition in the VR market is fierce, with companies like Sony releasing the highly-anticipated PlayStation VR2.

Overall, we were impressed by what the Meta Quest Pro has to offer!

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