Best VPS Hosting to Use in 2023

Best VPS Hosting to Use in 2023

If you’re looking for a web hosting solution that offers more control and customization than shared hosting, but without the high cost of a dedicated server, then a Virtual Private Server (VPS) might be the perfect choice for you.

VPS hosting offers a middle ground between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, allowing you to have more resources and control over your website without breaking the bank.

With so many VPS hosting providers out there, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your needs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top VPS hosting providers to use in 2023 and help you make an informed decision for your website.

Liquid Web     

Liquid Web

It is a premium web hosting provider in the tech industry Liquid Web.  

It is serving here for more than 20 years in the industry. Now, it is handling about 500,000 sites at once for more than 32,000 customers worldwide.

It is working on the motive of delivering to the audience comprehensive quality products that can deliver quality results.

If you are having any speed issues with web hosting. It’s time to say bye to your current VPS host because Liquid Web is providing speedy 24x7x365 support for knowledgeable professionals. It can solve any problem with great support.

If you are looking for extra feature options here. There are many configuration options available in Liquid Web. Instead of getting CentOS 7, it enables you to select any of them that are mentioned below.

  • CentOS 6
  • Debian 8
  • Ubuntu 14.04 or 16.04

There are also some official configuration options available in Liquid Web that are.

  • cPanel
  • Plesk
  • CloudLinux and many more

Talking about the price plans, the cheapest plan is starting from $59 a month (it can be reduced to $15 per month by paying for 2 years continuously). In this plan, you will be getting.

  • 2GB RAM
  • 40GB Storage
  • 10TB of Bandwidth
  • 100GB Backup

It feels a little bit expensive side, but depending on features it seems cheaper than the other hosts available.


  • It has enhanced SSD servers.
  • It claims a 59 seconds support guarantee.
  • The top-notch configuration options are available.
  • It provides quality service and support.


  • Little bit expensive.
  • It doesn’t share any hosting plans.
  • There is no money-back guarantee.



HostGator is well known for its unique and fast services. It is much more efficient at its work.

It is delivering prime services at very competitive prices by assuring a 99.99% of the money-back guarantee.

The time response is very good. It is solving the problems of its audience in no time. If we talk about the overall performance is excellent.

It is offering three basic hosting plans for users. The first is Snappy 2000. Its monthly cost breakdown is about $79.95, which comes with the following stuff.

  • 2GB RAM
  • 2 Core CPU
  • 120GB Diskspace

The other one is Snappy 4000, which is upgraded from Snappy 2000. Its cost breakdown is about $119.95 per month.

  • 4GB RAM
  • Up to 165GB of Storage

The sites that don’t require any server are also demanding. They can go for Snappy 8000. It costs about $149.95 per month.

  • 8GB RAM
  • 4 Core CPU
  • 240GB of Storage

All three packages also have monthly and yearly plans. There are also some other hosting packages available instead of Snappy that are quite low in price.

There is also a benefit of using HostGator, which is it provides a 45-day of money-back guarantee.  In which you don’t have to pay any extra charges for transferring accounts within the first month of your signup.  


  • Provides the unmetered bandwidth.
  • There is a $200 search credit.
  • There are low starter prices.
  • 45-day money-back guarantee.


  • Only US data centers are available.
  • Money-back guarantee is only on hosting plans.



Hostinger is providing one of the best VPS hosting services with the best pricing.  

The IPv6-blocked infrastructure is able to keep your connection private and secure. It can provide you beast-level performance processing power for medium to large-scale online projects.

The most exciting feature is it ensures you a 100MB/sec loading time. You will get full control of your hosting and you will also get full root access.

Officials are providing about 8 different VPS plans for their users as well. They are named VPS 1, VPS 2, and so on to VPS 8. We will discuss basic VPS 1 and VPS 7 and 8 plans.

The VPS 1 plan starts from $3.99 per month and it contains the following things in it.

  • 1GB RAM
  • 20GB SSD Disk space
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Snapshot
  • Weekly Backups
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Full root access

The VPS 7 plan will cost about $57.99 per month. You will get the following material things with it.

  • 12 GB RAM
  • 200 GB SSD Disk space
  • 10 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Snapshot
  • Weekly Backups
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Full Root Access

The last hosting plan is VPS 8. Its pricing is about $77.99 per month.

  • 16 GB RAM
  • 250 GB SSD Disk space
  • 12 TB Bandwidth
  • 1 Snapshot
  • Weekly Backups
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Full Root Access

Let us take a quick look at the pros and cons of it.


  • Starting at the least price of $2.99 per month.
  • It enables month-to-month pricing.
  • Provides free Domain and SSL certificate.
  • Also provides 30 day-money back guarantee.


Single Shared hosting doesn’t come with a free domain

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Wrap up

Choosing the right VPS hosting service is a crucial decision for your website or online project.

In this blog post, we have reviewed three popular VPS hosting services: Liquid Web, HostGator, and Hostinger.

Each of these VPS hosting providers offers a unique set of features and pricing plans to fit your specific needs.

Liquid Web provides excellent speed, performance, and quality support, but it may be a bit pricey for some users.

HostGator provides competitive pricing, unmetered bandwidth, and a 45-day money-back guarantee. Hostinger offers great pricing, full root access, and high-performance infrastructure.

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which VPS hosting service is the best fit for your needs and budget.

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